Soulja Boy molests brother

Getting reports in that DeAndre Cortez Way’s aka “Soulja Boy’s” brother has died tonight due to a car accident. Apparently, officials are now finding hand-written documents created by Soulja Boy’s brother stating that he was molested by DeAndre.

More information will get posted as it comes.

Office Depot on Bayou in Pensacola, FL

This Office Depot store is absolutely awful. My wife placed an order for some office furniture. They claimed it was too heavy to have loaded into her car (bullshit) so they made her get it delivered (with a nice extra delivery fee, of course). In reality, the in-store rep was just too lazy and didn’t want to haul it out of the back room for her.

My other complaint is the company they use for delivery, Advantage (850-457-6683). We set up an 8:00am Thursday delivery, so I took off work to receive the delivery. After 9:30 rolled around I called them and they had no record of the delivery. He called back a few minutes later and said 10am. Fine. 10 am came and went, then I called the driver back and they said 3 or 4. 4:30 rolled around I called them for the 3rd time that day and they said they dropped and BROKE THE DESK while it was in the truck. They promised it would be out at 8:00am Friday. It is now 7pm Friday and still no desk, and no phone calls. I’m going out of town next week, so I needed to cancel the order I’ve placed with them.

I called 800-GODEPOT to cancel and they told me they could not do this. They also mentioned that I could not pick the items up in-store. So, they charged my credit card, they aren’t going to deliver the items, and I can’t cancel or pick them up elsewhere… To me, this constitutes fraud, which is why I ended up doing a chargeback on my card.

I tried calling the local Office Depot where placed the order. The rude woman told me to call 800-GODEPOT. I explained my situation again and she said “please hold, I’m going to see if I can get Ed on the phone” (who Ed is, I do not know). After waiting on hold for exactly 52 minutes, someone picked up the phone and slammed it back down.

If you’re in Pensacola, DO NOT go to the store on Bayou. If you must go to Office Depot, go to the one in Gulf Breeze. The employees are much friendlier there.

Top 5 Kanye West Jackassery Videos

Kanye West is an egotistical idiot, and that has been proven many times over. Here are the top five videos demonstrating his fine character that would probably make his own mother cringe.

1. Kanye Steals the Stage:
Unless you’ve been under a rock for the last few weeks, you’ve heard about Kanye West and his jackass move after MTV announced the winner of the Video Music Awards. Taylor Swift beat out Beyonce and Kanye felt it nessesary to jump up onto the stage, steal the mic, and tell the world that Beyonce’s video was the best of “all time”. In case you missed it:

2. Kanye’s immediate backstage reaction:
Now here’s one that you may not have seen. This was his reaction backstage at the MTV Awards. “Give a black man a chance!” … Classy, bro!

3. President Obama Calls Kanye West a Jackass:
At least President Obama agrees with what we all are thinking: “What a Jackass”. Here’s Obama calling Kanye West a jackass:

4. Kanye West sort of apologizes
Later he went on the Jay Leno Show to stutter through a half-assed apology:
(Sorry, video removed)

5. “George Bush doesn’t care about black People!”:
This isn’t the first time Kanye has been in the news for his ego and stupidity. Here’s his unscripted tirade on live TV about how “George Bush doesn’t care about Black People”:

I just can’t believe people still support this guy. I almost said “what a waste of talent”, but I personally don’t think there is much talent being wasted here.

Sirius “Your account is past due” email scam

Sirius XM Radio, congratulations on joining my list of Awful Companies. Until this week, I would have had nothing bad to report about Sirius Radio, but that all changed due to your subscription renewal scam:

You have emailed me several times telling me that my account was “Past Due” and that I needed to make a payment ASAP. You’ve also called me this week using those same words.

My account is not past due. My subscription was simply up for renewal in several weeks. Your deceitful ways of trying to get a renewal out of me have failed. I am very protective of my credit, and when I someone calls me to tell me my “account is past due” and that I OWE money, I take it very seriously.

Sirius Email Scam

And this is how Sirius radio gets your attention. Nothing is past-due. I do not owe any money. I have no obligation to pay them another dime, yet they impersonate a debt collector in a shady attempt to get you to renew your service. If you received one of these emails and do not owe a debt, I suggest filing a complaint with the BBB. Hint: search for “Sirius XM Radio” when looking for the company on the BBB’s website.

Another Craigslist Home Rental Credit Report Scam

In my never-ending search to find a decent home to rent, I came across ANOTHER scam. This one was much more polished than the last Craigslist Credit Report scam I posted about, but still operates in the same way:

The ad looked legit. They had pictures, and they even provided a valid neighborhood in the “location” field rather than just using the city name of the Craigslist page. Unlike the last scam, they scammer didn’t provide an email address on the page. I had to email via the Craigslist mailer. Here is what I got back from


The property is still available for rent. The water is included, I also pay for lawn care so the tenant does not have to cut the grass. Pets are allowed as long as they are well behaved I will be happy to show the house at an agreed time and date but I do require that all applicants complete a free credit report to ensure their eligibility. I do not give out the exact address of my rental property before I am able to show them. The reason is that the home is vacant, and I wouldn’t want people trying to break in.

Please go to the following link to complete the free credit report: click here [link removed]

Please do not send me your credit report! Once you complete your report please send me over your report number, with that information I can provide it to the report company and they will let me know if you had any evictions in the past 5 years. This is the only information that I am interested in.

Let me know when this is done and we can then work out the time and date to go see the house.


Nicole Heinz

The link provided in her emailed was a link to a free credit report website, again, with an affiliate ID attached. If you haven’t figured out how this scam works yet: You sign up for a “free” credit report. The scammer gets a commission from your sign up, and you never hear from anyone again.

Credit Report Craigslist Scam

This was a pretty good scam I uncovered today. I was browsing craigslist for a new place to live this September when I ran across this ad in the housing/apartments section:

Very large and spacious 3 bd 2bthrm with great upgrades Screened lanai gated access community Act now and only need first month to move in

email me at

Looks promising. It even included some nice looking pictures. I emailed simply to ask where the house was. I got this as a response:

Thank you for your intrest in our rental property.
It is at the moment still available for occupancy.

Here is a copy of our rental application, Print it out. In PDF format In Word format

We dont do a check on your rental history or a background check but we do require a credit check. In order to rent any of our properties you must have a credit score of 450 or higher. I do make exceptions but you must bring a copy of your report and an explanation.

You can get a copy of your score free below

Do not email it to me just bring it with you.

We do not require a security deposit or pet deposit on this property.

Unlike most properties you wont be charged an application fee or credit check fee because you will bring your own.

Renting this property is of my highest concern so if you dont act quickly it may get rented before you.
Hopefully I can walk you through the property either tomorrow or within the next few days appointments will be handled in the manner they were recieved.


Okay, he didn’t answer my question, but it still looks legit. The application forms looked normal, but knowing a bit about credit history and credit reports, I thought the “450 minimum score” seemed a bit low. People that file bankruptcy usually have a better score than this. I followed the link to the credit report, and it was simply a redirect to this site:

He also had is affiliate ID in the URL (1119). This is how the scam works. You fill out all that stuff and do the credit report on the site, and this guy makes 20 bucks from the deal. The house doesn’t even exist.

Michael Jackson is Dead

TMZ is reporting that Michael Jackson has died of cardiac arrest. CNN isn’t reporting it yet, but twitter is buzzing about it. Word is that he choked on a pair of little boy’s underwear. Da da dum!

They claim they performed CPR in the ambulance but they were unable to revive him.

RIP, you perv.

Give me back my Google sub-domains!

Something strange happened in the world of Google today. Has anyone else noticed Google subdomains not working?

I am unable to get to my usual and

I also used this awesome site to verify it wasn’t just me!

Psychic gets pranked till he pukes

This guy takes his show WAY too seriously. On live TV, after getting pranked non-stop, he starts vomiting up a white creamy substance. If you want to fast forward to where it all goes to hell, start at 3:00.

Union Workers Credit Services Scam

If you receive a letter like this, beware! They simply take your 37 dollar “membership fee” and you’ll probably hear nothing ever again. I received this letter yesterday, and I live in the Pensacola, FL area.

This letter looks legit.. they even have a website:

But the fact that they asked for no information other than my signature raised a few flags. Their website is also littered with ads, not very professional.

Here is the letter. Click to enlarge:

Union Workers
Credit Services
1327 Empire Central
Suite 130
Dallas, TX 75247

Credit Limit: $10,000 for: (my name)
Member Status: PLATINUM
Classification: PRE-APPROVED
Expires: 04/01/09
Interest Rate: 5% APR
Credit Provider: Union Workers Credit Services
Address: (my address)
Bank Affiliation: None
Service #: (number)
Approval #: (number)
*Applicable Law: Florida


It’s nice to inform you that you have been identified and PRE-APPROVED for a PLATINUM CARD Membership from Union Workers Credit Services with a GUARANTEED $10,000.00 credit limit valid exclusively toward all credit purchases from credit provider!

You don’t have to worry if you have been denied access to a VISA or MasterCard. The UWCS Platinum Card Membership offers many benefits including a LOW, LOW interest rate of 5% APR all because you are PRE-APPROVED.

Full details of your membership and its exclusive benfits will be included with your new Platinum Card. Your satisfaction is assured by a 60 day refund of money guarantee!

This is a limited time offer and all deadlines are final, so act today. Failure to do so may result in your loss of your PRE-APPROVED status. Please enclose your annual membership fee of $37 by check or money order along with the attached Platinum Card Activation Form by the deadline shown below.

note: the $37 is fully refundable with your first purchase using your $10,000.00 credit limit.

(in smaller print):