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Sirius “Your account is past due” email scam

Sirius XM Radio, congratulations on joining my list of Awful Companies. Until this week, I would have had nothing bad to report about Sirius Radio, but that all changed due to your subscription renewal scam:

You have emailed me several times telling me that my account was “Past Due” and that I needed to make a payment ASAP. You’ve also called me this week using those same words.

My account is not past due. My subscription was simply up for renewal in several weeks. Your deceitful ways of trying to get a renewal out of me have failed. I am very protective of my credit, and when I someone calls me to tell me my “account is past due” and that I OWE money, I take it very seriously.

Sirius Email Scam

And this is how Sirius radio gets your attention. Nothing is past-due. I do not owe any money. I have no obligation to pay them another dime, yet they impersonate a debt collector in a shady attempt to get you to renew your service. If you received one of these emails and do not owe a debt, I suggest filing a complaint with the BBB. Hint: search for “Sirius XM Radio” when looking for the company on the BBB’s website.

Airtran’s Awful Promotion: Crazy Eights

I usually open Airtran’s frequent emails about good deals on fares, and their A+ Rewards program. I’m a big fan of Airtran, and I fly it whenever I can, but this latest marketing “promotion” is just awful.

Are you kidding me?! My fare will end in 8? What kind of promotion is that? Now, I understand that all airlines are struggling, but is this really the best they can do? Dear Airtran, stop it with the ridiculous emails for stupid promotions that have absolutely no value to me.