Another Craigslist Home Rental Credit Report Scam

In my never-ending search to find a decent home to rent, I came across ANOTHER scam. This one was much more polished than the last Craigslist Credit Report scam I posted about, but still operates in the same way:

The ad looked legit. They had pictures, and they even provided a valid neighborhood in the “location” field rather than just using the city name of the Craigslist page. Unlike the last scam, they scammer didn’t provide an email address on the page. I had to email via the Craigslist mailer. Here is what I got back from


The property is still available for rent. The water is included, I also pay for lawn care so the tenant does not have to cut the grass. Pets are allowed as long as they are well behaved I will be happy to show the house at an agreed time and date but I do require that all applicants complete a free credit report to ensure their eligibility. I do not give out the exact address of my rental property before I am able to show them. The reason is that the home is vacant, and I wouldn’t want people trying to break in.

Please go to the following link to complete the free credit report: click here [link removed]

Please do not send me your credit report! Once you complete your report please send me over your report number, with that information I can provide it to the report company and they will let me know if you had any evictions in the past 5 years. This is the only information that I am interested in.

Let me know when this is done and we can then work out the time and date to go see the house.


Nicole Heinz

The link provided in her emailed was a link to a free credit report website, again, with an affiliate ID attached. If you haven’t figured out how this scam works yet: You sign up for a “free” credit report. The scammer gets a commission from your sign up, and you never hear from anyone again.

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#1 Jenna on 10.13.13 at 2:04 pm

I’m pretty sure I came across a very similar scam on Craigslist. Someone emailed me back a message that said basically the sane thing yours did and linked me to a “free” credit report page where is I signed up and didn’t cancel in 7 days they’d charge me 30 bucks a month. I wondered if it was a scam so I looked it up and that’s how I found your post. Thanks! On to continue looking for a real rental home…

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